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The Tin Man Dreamer

The Tin Man Dreamer

How many times have you heard an artist wax poetic about a song they thought was headed straight to the top of the charts, but never achieve the lofty goals they expected?

I am running a couple of days behind for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday but I say better late than never. So getting to it, Jim at A Unique Title for Me has asked us to explore songs that just missed their climb to the top of the charts, great expectations that ultimately missed the mark. I have chosen to explore two such songs, one from British rockers Supertramp and the second from Country superstar Kenny Chesney.

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Shameful Desires

Shameful Desires

There are times in our lives we do shameful things for which we feel no remorse. Slinking around in the shadows seeking instant gratification without caring who our actions hurt or the consequences that follow.

This week Jim at A Unique Title for Me asks us to explore the primary emotions of Disgust, Embarrassment, Guilt, Regret, Remorse, and Shame for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday. The song I have chosen is much more literal than last week’s entry and deals with shame or lack thereof for our actions.

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Eighteen deadly days. Buffalo (10), Uvalde (21), Tulsa (4). What the f*ck is going on in America?

Today’s mass shooting in Tulsa marks the 233rd mass shooting in the United States this year. A mass shooting is defined as four or more shot or killed not including the shooter. That currently projects out to 560 mass shootings or 1.53 per day for 2022. That is a ridiculously insane number that needs to change.

So again I ask…

What the f*ck is going on in America? I’d love to hear your thoughts, feelings, frustrations and solutions to the United States’ gun violence problem.

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What a Day

What A Day!

What a day! It started with an anticipatory fervor. The agenda was set as I headed out with the best of intentions. First stop, the dog groomers then Starbucks to create content for the blog. Unfortunately, the plan would die a quick death.

It was a beautiful but hot day in the Tri-Cities. The kind of day where the temperature climbs north of 30 before the day has even started and the humidity kicks the shit out of you like the shockwave from a blast furnace.

I arrived at the groomers at 8:50, a few minutes before opening. With the oil barons putting the boots to the global economy I took the opportunity to stick it back at them by shutting the machine off. After removing the keys from the ignition, I tossed them into the center console and opened the door.

A few minutes later the grooming shop unlocked the front door, so I climbed out of the car, the dog crawling across the console right behind me. Once he had jumped out I closed the door behind us and headed in. I was in the shop for approximately 45 seconds to a minute then returned to the vehicle.

I reached for the unlocked door and it doesn’t open; I try again with the same result. The noise in my head is screaming, WTF, I did not lock these doors. A twinge of panic pulsed through my body as I attempted to locate my keys in my pockets. The only problem is today’s shorts don’t have any pockets. Next, I look through the window to see my keys, wallet, and phone all stacked on the console.

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She Just Looks That Way

She Just Looks That Way

We have all met that person at some point in our life. They appear like a god or goddess and we end up completely enamoured with them, but then something unexpected happens. They open their mouths and your realized they are shallow, materialistic, cruel, and not at all what they appeared to be at first impression. Unfortunately, it’s too late, we are trapped. Stuck in a toxic and often one-sided relationship with no way to get ourselves out.

I’ve missed Song Lyric Sunday the last couple of weeks, but I am back. This week Jim at A Unique Title for Me asks us to feature a song that deals with the concepts of appearance, image, likeness, object, picture, or photograph. While the song I have chosen does not specifically mention any of these terms the song is all about the appearance and image a person projects.

The Northern Pikes are a Canadian rock outfit hailing from the prairie town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The band includes Jay SemkoBryan Potvin, Merl Bryck, and Don Schmid. Although they still perform and record the period from 1987 through 1993 was the band’s heyday with songs like ‘Teenland‘, ‘Things I Do for Money‘, ‘Girl With a Problem‘, ‘Believe‘, and this week’s song choice ‘She Ain’t Pretty‘.

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The Human Race

The following is in response to Fandango’s Provocative Question #165. The prompt is:
How do you feel about what is going on in the United States in regard to racism? Do you see any way of reconciling the concepts of White Replacement Theory and Critical Race Theory?

The Human Race

I identify as human, yes I have skin that categorizes me as Caucasian, my recent ancestors are of European descent and can be traced back to England, Ireland and France. That is how others identify me but I am human, we are all human.

As an outsider, I see the American race dilemma as an observer. I have a sister who moved and married in Texas and although I would not call her racist she and her family certainly represent conservative white America. From what I see that Trump supporting rabid white right is a scary place right now. Not from external threats but from within. Seemingly bright, educated people who have lost all perspective on reality.

Canada is not without our own racial discourse. Our treatment of Japanese Canadians during World War II and two centuries of oppression against aboriginal populations have been appalling.

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The Blood of War

This originally started as a reply to a post that Jim at A Unique Title for Me posted. It got me thinking about the broader context of government and in particular the idea that the people are accountable for the action of their government. In particular, Russians when it comes to Putin.

Yes, Vladimir Putin gave the order to invade Ukraine, the former Soviet republic that declared its independence on January 22nd, 1989. Putin has chosen this path not because of the excuses such as “denazification” or the perceived threat NATO presents to Russia if Ukraine achieves member status. It is all smoke and mirrors to hide the real reasons for Putin’s war, to turn back the clock to a bygone era. To return to some perceived Russian greatness that never really existed. He alone must answer to the world for his illegal actions in Ukraine and the war crimes he has committed in the name of Mother Russia.

I will say that from a world perspective I do not believe the international community and the allied countries of the West are doing enough to quell the Putin threat. Russian aggression in Ukraine has the eerie feel of Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939. The parallels are well documented elsewhere and too many to list here. We the world must stand with Ukraine and prevent history from repeating itself.

I believe the Russian people are good people. Historically they have suffered immeasurable hardship. For the record, the Russian experience is not unique. Many other peoples in various parts of the world have suffered repeatedly at the hands of internal and external forces. That type of suffering creates a certain pathos that brings about insecurity in the people of a nation. It doesn’t require a great leap to see how people end up following someone like Putin who instills a sense of national pride by assuaging their collective vulnerabilities and making them feel whole again.

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A Question of Times

Fandango’s Provocative Question asks us to weigh in on the U. S. Senate decision to do away with the semi-annual time change with the following questions:

Assuming you agree that we should have the same time year-round rather than moving up an hour each spring and back an hour each fall, do you favor going to permanent Daylight Saving Time or permanent Standard Time? Why do you feel that way?

Find my response below…

I must admit I have a love-hate relationship with the semi-annual time change. Love the extra hour of sleep in the fall and hate losing it in the spring. Personally, I prefer the time change but if I had to choose I’d give up the extra evening light and remain on Standard Time year-round.

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Drums and Trumpets

I bring you a double shot for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday. In 1985 the Waterboys released their third studio album “This Is the Sea” marking the end of what was known as ‘the big music’ era in the band’s history. The first two tracks “Don’t Bang the Drum” and “The Whole of the Moon” both make mention of musical instruments in their lyrics. The first one is obvious as it appears in the title and the second mentions trumpets later in the song.

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Farewell, Old Friend

Farewell old friend, you will be missed.

I remember when you first came home, Andrew was adamant you were going to be named Spiderman. He lived and breathed the web-spinning superhero and nothing else would do. It took a little convincing but eventually you became Parker. Yes, we stayed with the Spiderman theme; you were named after the webhead’s alter ego Peter Parker.

In true Bichon Frise fashion, you were loyal to the last person to pay you any attention. A ball of white fluff, a big suck so tough barking at every dog that passed from behind the windowpane but hiding behind my leg if we ran into a four-legged friend in the park. You were a good companion to both Andrew and Emily being a constant for them through some difficult times. We are all richer for having you in our lives.

So as you head off to that big dog run in the sky, remember to sniff every fire hydrant you pass, chew every bone you can get your teeth on and remember us fondly as we will never forget you.

Farewell old friend, may you rest in peace.

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