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A New Pair of Kicks

A New Pair of Kicks

It’s said that shoes can change your outlook on life. Take a bad day and make it good. This week Jim at A Unique Title for Me has ask that we find songs that are about or mentions Socks, Shoes, Boots and/or Feet for Song Lyric Sunday.

This week I am highlighting a track by Scottish singer, songwriter and musician Paolo Giovanni Nutini. Nutini who hails from Paisley is Scotland released his debut album “These Streets” in 2006 where it peaked at #3 in the UK. The fourth single “New Shoes” reached #21 in the UK and #1 on the Adult Alternative Airplay chart in the USA.

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The One That Got Away

Clive Davis was once famously referred to as the “Man with the Golden Ears”. The stable of artists he discovered or nurtured is vast, making him a legend in the music business. Janis Joplin, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel are just a few iconic names from the list of music royalty influenced by Davis.

The task for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday is simple, select a song by an artist that was discovered, nurtured or produced by Clive Davis. I am going to step outside the box and stretch the rules a little. The post will most certainly be related to Clive Davis but the artist was not a Clive Davis product. Instead, I have chosen to focus on someone who auditioned for Davis but he chose to pass on as discussed in a 2017 interview with Rebecca Jarvis on the ABCNews’ weekly show Real Biz.

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New Order and the Way We de-Fine Time.

We may use high tech instruments to record time down to the most infinite of units but it is still and arbitrary contruct. For the most part people don’t measure time in hours and minutes. Sure, the clock runs our daily lives, work at 8:00, doctor’s appointment at 2:30. Its always there but as time goes by the days are less important and we tend to measure its passage by our memories. The smell of Grandma’s apple pie brings you back to those Thanksgiving dinners, the sound of the rain brings you back to that camping trip, or the taste of a good Bordeaux transports you back to the French Vineyard where it first passed your lips. For me music acts as that catalyst. So many memories wrapped up in the sounds that defined the time period when they happened. Continue reading

The Death of Evil


This week brought to a close the life of Charles Mansion. Thanks in part to the man who personified evil the aftermath from the summer of love would be bloody and violent. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy would both be gunned down in 1968 but it is Charles Mansion who has remained in the American psyche and has garnered a morbid fascination more than any other figure of the late 1960s. Continue reading