About Me

About Me

I guess it’s time to introduce myself. I mean I opened this WordPress account in July 2013 with the original tagline of “Opinions, rants, random thoughts, and pretty much whatever I feel like!” I wrote a couple of posts and then mostly forgot about the account until 2017 when I wrote seven opinion pieces over a two-month period and then virtually disappeared again. I know I was a blogging giant and the posts are still there to prove it. If you are interested check out ‘On Aging…‘, ‘Does Canada Remember?‘, ‘Can Hollywood Change?‘, or ‘The Death of Evil‘. I promise they will change your life. 🤣

In 2020, as COVID-19 was vaulting to superstardom and embarking on its two years and counting U2-scale world tour I was compelled to write an opinion piece called ‘COVID-19 and the “Social Distancing” Paradox‘. As I was writing and publishing that post I began to play around with the reader and I came across a post for a writing challenge called “Three Line Tales” from a now-defunct blog. Something sparked my interest and I began writing micro-fiction. Here is that first piece of fiction called ‘Forgotten‘. Since that first post I have expanded my repertoire to include poetry, photography, and yes the occasional opinion/rant.

Not sure any of that tells you who I am though. I am a fifty-something dude of European descent who hails from Ontario, Canada. I cannot change the past and will not apologize for my background or for those that came before me. I can only take responsibility for my actions in the here and now and the influence they project once I am gone. I cannot change the dead but I can teach my children about equity and justice so they may be better people.

Politically, I consider myself fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Take note of the small ‘C’ and ‘L’ to avoid affiliation to any political party. I don’t believe one should be beholden to any one political ideology or party. The best voter is one who listens to all points of view, is informed on a wide variety of issues, weighs each accordingly, and votes for the candidate(s) willing to tackle the important issues at that moment in time.

I accept the wrongs committed throughout history but don’t believe history or the people who made it should be washed from the historical record, especially for political gain. Progress happens in increments and judging the actions of our forebearers through today’s lens sets a dangerous precedent.

It is one thing to remove statues of traitors or symbols of hate. It is something different to erase individuals who are integral to the evolution of our way of life. They were not perfect, and history should reflect those shortcomings but they should not be forgotten. A hundred years from now will historians see today’s heroes as villains because the ever-evolving measuring stick has continued to shift?

I don’t care what pronouns, he/him, she/her, they/them, or any of the myriad of newly created ones out there you call me by. I assure you I have been called worse. I also understand that it is important for some and will do my best to show them the respect they deserve by addressing them as they wish.

Regardless of race, creed, colour, sexual orientation, or any other label we paint ourselves with we are all people. Our building blocks spawning endless variations while remaining virtually identical, like a giant Lego set, the various pieces coming in different shapes, sizes, and colours but all fitting together to build the human experience. If we are kind to each other and act as a positive force for the time we are here none of the other stuff should matter.

I am not looking to write novels or win literary awards and I am not relying on this endeavour as a revenue stream. I created this space as an outlet to explore and expand my creative energies and share some of my experiences. I hope you find something that interests you, keeps you coming back, and if I’m lucky provides me with an opportunity to learn from the endless diversity of individuals that makes up the blogging community.

Some other generic stuff. I have four wonderful kids, three of my own plus one stepchild. I am a music buff, gravitating toward alternative sounds, but not locked into any specific genre. Good music is good music especially enjoyed live. I love a good hike or getting out on my bike. I am an amateur photographer whose camera is always close by. Summer over winter, but really the in-betweens (spring and fall) are the best. I tend to my own vegetable garden which always seems to be a smashing success with the local squirrel population. Damned rats with bushy tails!

Still not sure if that clears up who I am or what I’m about but it’s all I’ve got for now. I’m always open to questions, opinions, and comments.

Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving.
Be Grateful!