Can Hollywood Change?


As the movie industry reels from the recent allegations of sexual impropriety and Hollywood comes to terms with a long and storied sexual past one has to ask, “Can Hollywood Change?”   

Before I get started let me state that I in no way condone the alleged actions of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Louis CK. They should and will face the consequences of their own actions.

What I do take offense to is this moral outrage emanating from Hollywood. To suggest outrage from an industry where the casting couch has played a leading role since the days of silent film is almost laughable. Tinseltown was built on sex, drugs, and bad behaviour.

Every time some Hollywood celebrity spouts off so vehemently about sexual assault allegations I wonder what skeletons their publicists are busy ensuring never take a walk on the proverbial red carpet.

Since the days of silent film, power wielding movie executives, producers, directors and leading actors have seduced many ingénue wannabes with lies of fame and fortune in exchange for sexual gratification. To that same end, many ambitious starlets have been willing to sell a piece of their soul for the chance at silver screen immortality.

Maybe it’s a good thing that a few brave individuals have broken the silence. Maybe Hollywood is ready to clean up its act for real. I’m doubtful, the lure of fame and fortune makes people do unthinkable things.

It seems inevitable that the breadth and depth of the scandal will continue to grow in the weeks and months ahead. Those lucky enough to escape unscathed will continue to spout the moral high road. But once the fervor dies down I suspect it will be business as usual along the California coast.

Only time will tell if the movie business can change but please spare me the Oscar caliber shock and outrage act. Hollywood is a town that buys and sells sex likes its candy and is more than willing to take it if it’s not on the menu.

Copyright 2017 Greg Glazebrook, All Rights Reserved.


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