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If I Can Make It Here…

If I Can Make It Here…

Broadway was a goal that many wouldn’t even aspire to. Lord knows how many nights he doubted himself, how many times he asked why? Last night all that hard work had paid off, just having a show open on Broadway was an amazing feat, even if it ended up only being a short run.

He grabbed the newspaper and flipped to the entertainment section. He could believe what he was reading. The critics were raving about the show and his performance, the reviews were so hot it was singeing his fingertips. The shit was fire, man!!!

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Mass Extinction

Mass Extinction

My trunk stretches into the salty water,
but this will not quench my thirst.
These stone monuments
carved by the mother of everything
will be all that remains of the
great herds that once roamed here.
As we go extinct, so does your kind, waiting for
our fossils to be discovered in the next great epoch.

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A Reckoning

Remember when I was whole,
In tune with time, a vibrant soul.

With every lie and new excuse,
My moral compass coming loose.

Wave on wave erodes my soul,
Until I’m but a gaping hole.

All my riches, hints of fame,
Cannot erase my guilt and shame.

So hellbent on winning the race,
I forgot to leave this world –
a better place.

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Better Off

Better Off

“WTF happened to Bill!”

“No idea, I told the lazy bastard if he stood still too long he was going to grow roots. I didn’t think he’d literally become part of the landscape though.”


“You know, they say the faeries run through these gardens. They can be mischievous folk, maybe Bill rubbed one of them the wrong way and poof!”

“Stop it, this isn’t funny. He wouldn’t run off without his boots. Where did he go?”

“Sorry, I don’t know what else to tell you. I ran up to the house and he was gone when I got back. I have no clue why he left his boots or where he’s gone.”

Ok, so I wasn’t exactly being truthful. You see Bill was a douché and when my best friend headed into town to pick up some more gardening supplies the pig made a pass at me. I let him think there was a chance, flirted with him some and talked him into undressing. The moment he turned his back to set his boots on the stump… well let’s just say I finally found a use for that old pitchfork. He ain’t with the faery folk and I am certain he won’t be coming back. She is better off without him anyway. As for his boots, they are more useful as planters than they ever were on his feet.

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The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate

“Hey lad, you look like a smart fella. You see that bridge?” the stranger asked. “When it was built it was a marvel of modern engineering. A bridge suspended from cables above. Unlike other types of bridges, it was designed to sway in the event of an earthquake. I reckon when the big one hits us it’ll be the only thing left standing.”

“Talk about full-blown tour guide, mister. Are you trying to sell me the thing, you sound like a salesman for Christ’s sake.”

“No, but while we are on the topic of sales, I do have some oceanfront property in Arizona. From my front porch, you can see the sea. If you buy that from me, I’ll throw the Golden Gate in for free!”

“Must be some property if you’re putting golden gates in? How much do you want for it.” The lad asked.

“Whatever you got…” the man said wearing a grin from ear to ear.

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Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places

Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places

“Hey girlfriend, u make it home last night?”

“I did, no thanks 2 u!”

“Yeah, we bailed. You’d run off with that guy anyway.”

Amalie had been down this road before. Her friends insisted she was going about finding someone the wrong way. She was beginning to concur with their sentiment. The guys were always long gone before she woke up.

“Another vampire drinking from your fountain and bolting before sunrise?”

But this time it was different…

“Nope, still here 😊 and OMG it was ❤️ when he suggested brunch! Gotta run bitches…”

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There is no harmony
for us on the outside.
Only brief glimpses of that
which lies behind the wall.

It is us on the outside
who are in prison.
The soles of our feet
worn raw from toil.

We are the hungry,
The sick and the dying.
The ones kept in darkness.
behind this skyward barrier

Where endless excess
is left to rot away,
before a single grain
ever slip beyond.

Those who attempt escape
share the same fate.
It may seem merciful,
but they never return.

beyond the evergreen door,
is in the fleeting moments
before the bitter taste of
gunpowder fills the acrid air.

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Pumpkin Spice, Not Just for the Nice

Pumpkin Spice, Not Just for the Nice

Ellie sat shaking in the corner. She’d drawn a facsimile of the tattoo on her hemp fiber apron. All the other baristas could find for her was a Sharpie but no paper. Across the now-empty cafe, she could see the paramedics frantically working to save a man’s life. He was laying in a pool of his own blood. A police officer stepped around the commotion to approach her table.

“May I have a seat?” She asked as she pulled the chair out.

Ellie nodded approval to the officer who was already halfway seated. “Is he going to be okay?” her voice weak and distressed as she spoke.

The officer didn’t respond. Cynthia, Ellie’s manager delivered a pumpkin spice latte, setting it next to the canvas drawing and taking Ellie’s hand in hers. The officer looked annoyed but could see Ellie calm a bit with Cynthia’s presence.

“I know this is difficult but could you tell me what you saw? Include every detail no matter how insignificant it seems. It could be important.”

Ellie started, “I was behind the counter when I heard the roar of the pipes. I looked up to see a man dressed in denim and leather pull up on a Harley. He parked in that first spot over there. When he came to the counter his arms were covered in tattoos but I can only remember the one.”

“Can you describe it?”

Ellie pointed to the canvas apron. “I remember reading it to myself as he ordered a pumpkin spice latte.”

“This is the tattoo?”

“Best I can remember it.”

“Did you take a name for the order?”

“I didn’t take his order Sam did, but his name was Dale. I remember calling it out when I finished making his order. He had ordered it in a ceramic cup and I thanked him for choosing the reusable option. He commented on my foam pumpkin’s evil grin and then in a cute but patronizing way told me I should have been an artist. I noticed a patch on his jacket that said ‘CUTTER’ as I smiled back at him.”

“What did he do after he got his coffee?”

“He took the latte,” she replied as if calling it coffee was an affront to anyone’s better senses, “…and went over to that table.” She gestured towards the far wall. I didn’t pay much attention after that but I assume he sat and had a few sips. It was maybe ten minutes, I made a couple more orders, and then Cynthia asked me to wipe down the tables.” Cynthia and Ellie’s eyes met for a moment and then she continued, “The next thing, I hear a loud commotion behind me. I spun and looked to see a table and chair fly across the store towards me. I jumped out of the way as he grabbed the person sitting on the bench. I remember the man cowering as he wailed on him. He was screaming something at him.”

“What was he saying?”

“I don’t know, I can remember, it’s all muffled in my head. I just remember the horrified look on the other guy’s face.” her lip quivered as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Did he have any weapons?”

“Not that I saw but with all that blood, maybe? He picked him up, threw him to the ground, and began kicking and stomping on him. Finally, he spits on the man, and then like a switch being turned off he runs his fingers through his long unkempt hair and calmly walked back over to his latte. When he was done he tossed the mug in front of the man laying on the floor. He left the store as it shattered into hundreds of pieces that skidded across the brown tiles and into the heap. The roar of his bike echoed in the background as he rode off.”

“Anything else that stuck out?”

“Yeah,” her voice tailing off as she cocked her head, eyes glazed as though she was staring right through the officer, “I was struck by the juxtaposition between the violence and his order. Pumpkin spice just didn’t seem appropriate.”

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I was once wild…

I was once wild…

I was once wild…

Roaming across
vast open plains.
At times hungry, waiting
for my harem’s return.

Sunbaked beneath
Endless captive skies,
I ruled my domain
with absolute authority.

My young apprentice
watching me through light,
distorted in the heat
rising from her scorched skin.

Motionless amongst
the tall grasses
bend to her will in the
slight Saharan breeze.

Not hidden…
For I am aware
of his full intention,
transfer through succession

The next generation,
patient, in youthful impatience,
waiting for the sun to
rise on a new King.

To you, that cages my freedom,
we are not different!
Protecting one’s pride to
precariously hold onto power.

Our moment is fleeting,
the sun rising and setting
on a conclusion as inevitable
as the rhythms of home.

Kingdoms rise and fall, but
Mother’s hands remain steady,
continually reshaping, and
redefining balance.

It is a fool’s errand
to push against her nature,
for her ever-shifting moods
recognize it’s part of nature too.

Once, we were all wild…

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Galloping Gossip Bitties

Galloping Gossip Bitties

Neigh!” Annie brayed, “Look at Black Nellie over there.”

“Thinks she’s all the neigh strutting her hind quarters like some little philly.” Cinnamon replied.

“I heard she couldn’t hold her road apples at the fair last week.”

“I know, dropped them right there with the kiddies looking on, how embarrassing! N-n-n-neigh!

“Shhh, shhh, hold your neighs girl, she’s trotting our way!”

Neigh.” the two ponies greeted Nellie with pinched mouths.

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