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Contextus Indignus


Contextus Indignus

Thomas sat at the table with his head in his hands, years of hard work and dedication hung in the balance.

He was still the highest-grossing salesperson in the organization, his stature legendary after 35 years of service.

They called him Easter Sunday because no one could resurrect a lost deal like he could, bringing opportunity back from the dead as if it were Jesus on the third day.

Sure, he’d been handsomely compensated for his efforts, but he’d made more money for this Corporation than anyone could count; single-handedly lifting it from its Mom and Pop beginnings to a giant of the industry.

Defunct of any reason the Director of Human Resources stared at him with shame and disgust, they no longer saw him as a giant but an out-of-touch dinosaur.

He tried to explain that it was a simple misunderstanding, the word gay had once meant happy, but it was too late, the damage was done; guilty in the court of public opinion he watched as his life swirled about the room before being flushed down the elevator and out the back door – left holding nothing but a single box of his belonging.

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Mary Two Rivers stood quietly in the place along the edge of the reservation she’d come to so often, the band Chief agreeing to one last visit even as the heavy machinery roared around her.

The pain had not softened in the years since her Emily, the dark-haired girl with a spirit set alight by a spark from the Creator’s fire, had been taken.

The worn and weathered doll she’d been gifted by the widow from the secondhand shop in town, herself long since dead, marked the last known location of the girl who’d vanished some 21 years earlier.

In a few short hours, the landmarks that provided Mary with the last links to her baby’s existence would be erased in the name of progress; another girl added to the list of the forgotten.

There is an epidemic across North America that has seen tens of thousands of Aboriginal women and girls murdered or go missing. In Canada that number is about 1200 since 1980 however it is believed to be much higher as many cases are never reported or reported incorrectly. Information on Canada’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls can be found at MMIWG.

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Waffle Story: A Syrup-Soaked Tragedy

Waffle Story: A Syrup-Soaked Tragedy

“Looks like we are in the syrup this time, Alveolus.”

“Yep, it’s a real sticky situation,” Al replied.

“Stop buttering me on both sides,” Dimples shot back, “…and think us a way out of this gooey mess.”

But Alveolus couldn’t move. His edges had melted into the sugary maple and were stuck to the plate like glue. There was no escape this time. He and Dimples had managed to go undetected at the bottom of the icebox for so long that they had almost forgotten the monster existed.

The notorious monster known as Nathaniel the Devourer had returned. It had been chomping down grid-iron goodness in pairs with some regularity. In fact, the six companions they’d been travelling with, including Dimples sisters, Nooks and Cranny, had all met the same gruesome end at the paws of the beast. Alveolus and Dimples were the only survivors.

Nathaniel had grown tired of devouring the same prey for breakfast, day in and day out. It had turned to scrambling eggs, drowning cereal flakes, or attacking stacks of pancakes. Still, Dimples felt that twinge every time the freezer door popped open. Al could almost feel her discomfort when the hand of Mom began rummaging down through the icebox’s contents. Although he’d never let Dimples see, the truth is it made him feel a little bit uneasy too.

All they could do was hope freezer burn would spoil them enough that they’d be set free. Sent on a journey to municipal waste heaven before the monsters return. They both lived with the understanding and fear that the day could come when Nathaniel’s fancy turned to dreams of syrup-filled pockets again.

Alveolus and Dimples promised to stay strong for each other, but as they waited on the plate it was difficult not to waffle. The pair wore smiles as they melted into one final embrace. Alveolus kissed Dimples and whispered “I love you” one last time before the monster was on them.

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