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Design Fail Challenge

We were out and about today and in our travels ended up behind what appeared to be a new MINI Countrymen. The compact British car line was founded in the late 1960s and is now owned by German automaker BMW. I was born in 1968 in Canada so the brand never really entered my consciousness until I watched “Auston Powers in Goldmember”, the third film in the James Bond spoof series starring Canadian actor and Saturday Night Live alum, Mike Myers. That was around the same time BMW released the current iterations of the iconic British car into the wild. A history of the MINI used in the movie can be found here.

As we were pulling up to an intersection behind this new MINI something just didn’t look right. When I finally spotted it, I said to my wife, “Who designed that?”. Don’t get me wrong it not going to cause an accident and there won’t be a recall anytime soon but what exactly were the designers at MINI thinking. Naturally, I had a blog idea so we followed the vehicle long enough to capture the video for this post.

See if you can spot the design fail and let me know in the comments below. Would love to hear of other design flaws or features you’ve seen or heard of on other products too. If you post design fail content of your own please link back to this post for everyone to see and tag it #gbfail.

The only other failure that comes to mind was more of a marketing faux pas than bad design. As the story goes, when GMC released the sixth generation Chevy Nova (the 1980s subcompact not the muscle car from previous decades) to the Mexican market sales were dismal. Sales had been good in other markets but nobody could understand why the affordably priced Nova was not selling in Spanish speaking markets. Turns out “no va” closely translates to “it doesn’t go” or “not going” in Spanish. Would you spend money on a car that didn’t go?

Click here if you are interested in a brief history of the Chevy Nova. No mention of the naming faux pas of course.

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Eighteen deadly days. Buffalo (10), Uvalde (21), Tulsa (4). What the f*ck is going on in America?

Today’s mass shooting in Tulsa marks the 233rd mass shooting in the United States this year. A mass shooting is defined as four or more shot or killed not including the shooter. That currently projects out to 560 mass shootings or 1.53 per day for 2022. That is a ridiculously insane number that needs to change.

So again I ask…

What the f*ck is going on in America? I’d love to hear your thoughts, feelings, frustrations and solutions to the United States’ gun violence problem.

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I Scream, You Scream Challenge

There is scientific evidence that one particular food makes us happy. The studies showed that when we eat it the centers of our brain responsible for emotion show positive activity. The research goes one step further and shows that just thinking about this food has the same effect as eating it. That’s right, it doesn’t even need to pass your lips to make us feel happy. Imagine the power of such a food. For example, you are stuck in traffic after a frustrating day at work. As you crawl along the highway, home seeming to be a million miles away you begin to daydream. Your head fills with visions of this tasty treat and instantly home feels closer, your spirits begin to lift and your hips don’t need to worry.

What could this magical food be…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Challenge 🍀

Alrighty, I’ve never posted one of these challenge prompts before so this is a first.

Before I get started I am fully aware that ‘Monday’s Child’ is an English nursery rhyme but growing up it was first an Irish poem to me.

My Irish Nana from Ballywalter in the North of Ireland (before emigrating to Canada) had a decorative plate that sat on her fridge. It was decked out in full Irish motif with the poem printed prominently in the center. I was fascinated by it. Almost every time we visited the plate came down off its pedestal and Nana would read it to me.

Today I ask:

“On what day of the week were you born? In what ways does the line about the day of the week you were born resonate with the person you are today?”

Poem, prose or whatever catches your fancy. I look forward to your responses. Feel free to respond in the comments section below and/or through pingback. Remember to tag your post with #spdq for quick searching.

🍀🍀Happy St. Patricks Day.🍀🍀

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