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Cottage Country

Cottage Country

Photo: Sandy Morrison | Post-processing: Greg Glazebrook

Dulled by the trolley’s rhythm,
I drift through fragmented memories
of past summers in Canada.

Lazy days spent at the lake.
Endless trees, evergreen garlands,
strung between water and blue clear skies.

Sunday snoozing in the back pew.
Choir hymns rippling through
waves of vanilla scented candles.

Those who have flocked here,
Explorers, seeking truths
for which there are no answers.

If ever there was a place to believe!
Even for the briefest of moments
before the colours turn.

Fading through the back window…
Leaving only our ghosts to greet
the chalk white snows of winter.

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The Coming Storm

The Coming Storm

A weathered and worn windsock,
taut on the peak above.
An unheeded warning
to the hazy milieu below.


Conflated is the vapour
that escapes your cruel grasp,
devoid of oxygen we once shared.

Sharp wit and candor weigh ––
heavy like the suffocating
crush induced by the snake’s coil.


Panic bells chime within,
beckoning my getaway
before the coming storm, but
I cannot leave her behind.

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T-Shirt Wisdom Tuesday (2249)

Welcome to T-Shirt Wisdom Tuesday. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Every other Tuesday I will post a quote that I’ve seen printed on a T-Shirt or think should have been.

Someone is always willing to give their two cents worth even if you haven’t asked.

Check back weekly and see what witty, funny, or plain old ridiculous T-Shirts wisdom I’ve been able to find or come up with. Suggestions are always welcome.

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3. Revenge: The Beast 1

3. Revenge: The Beast 1

Securing the beast’s loyalty would be a momentous feat, she thought as she entered its lair, but weeks of ruminating over every detail wouldn’t matter if she couldn’t choke back her screams…

The Revenge Series

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Blogging Intuition

“Here’s the only blogging tip you really need: always follow your intuition.”

– Kelly Thoreson

I suspect almost everyone’s blogs have drifted from or morphed into something different than that original concept. I know my plan in 2012 was to build a social commentary blog. I’d navigate the issues of the day and other relevant topics as I saw fit. It went 12 posts in 8 years well.

Now I’m writing mostly fiction with a side of poetry/photography and very occasionally a social commentary piece reminiscent of those early days. I do find the current iteration of the blog so much more fulfilling than the original concept. Whether I’m good and/or getting better at it I don’t know but I do try and follow the trends I see from my readers.

Intuition plays a role and being able to tap into the collective consciousness at the right time is important. How many bands were ahead of their time or missed the boat. Are the Beatles, U2, or Nirvana relevant if they don’t strike a cord at the right moment in history?

Those who find that lightning in a bottle unlock something special. We all have to tap into our intuition but that alone is not enough. We have to grow and nurture it. Put in the work to get the results. I find myself sifting, okay sifting may be a strong word, let’s go with looking through the data my posts generate. On which posts are my audience clicking like. Who is commenting and what are they saying when they do? What sites am I visiting or actively participating in that expose my blog to new viewers? Are they the type of viewers that I want to be associated with the brand I’m building?

I certainly don’t have thousands of followers but it doesn’t matter, maybe it would be different with a more consistent presence but with work and kids and life, it’s hard. Still, the main purpose of my blog was to provide a chance to be creative. Although the content has changed the blog fulfils a piece of the work-life balance that was missing and has proved to be exactly what I needed. For those who have come along for all or parts of the ride. Thank you.

And finally, one more pro tip…

Image: Adél Grőber via Unsplash.
Graphic Design: Greg Glazebrook @ GMG Creative

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The Job Interview

The Job Interview

Marc eyed the empty spot, but parking enforcement circled like a vulture sensing his desperation, waiting to swoop in and take whatever remained the moment his broke-ass pulled in.

He’d spent his last two and a quarter to acquire the morning coffee needed to calm his anxiety and provide the jolt of courage he needed to survive a 10:00am job interview; none of which would matter in six minutes.

As he pulled around the block again he could feel his lips curl, as luck would have it the spot was still empty and the pesky meter maid was nowhere in sight.

His right side signals flashed as he pulled past the spot, slipped the stick to reverse and began working the vehicle into the vacant space.

He was forced to slam on the brakes as he watched a convoluted movie scene unfold in his rearview; another car barged into his spot, front-end first, no signals, and horn blaring into the morning air like a divine “fuck you” screaming at him from the heavens.

Marc stepped through the storefront door at 13 minutes past ten, his interrogator, the same monster in high heels who had jumped from the demon vehicle and flipped him the bird stood at the front counter tapping her clipboard in annoyance as she waited for him to arrive.

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2. Revenge: Best Served Cold

2. Revenge: Best Served Cold

Her fingers stroked the rough-hewn thirteenth-century leather cover. Ancora had outdone herself, Lilith thought.

She flipped until the hand-bound pages fell to the spell she sought. A grin formed as she skimmed the incantation. Lilith wanted to recite it but the bookseller had warned of dangerous consequences. Forbidden to ask for assurances she would need to manipulate the beast into believing it offered to protect her freely. Revenge would have to wait.

The Revenge Series

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The above photos were taken near a storm management pond in Northwest Waterloo. The unnamed area is a small oasis of engineered nature tucked into the suburban landscape that cradles it.

As I walked the trail with my camera the signs of abandonment were evident. The milkweed seeds have long flown, mature enough to leave their summer womb behind. An empty nest that sheltered a new generation once hidden in the dense foliage now barren and exposed. The small white seed globes are all that remain where the flowers of a Canadian Horseweed plant once bloomed, its remaining leaves black and shrivelled from an early frost.

The chlorophyll-laden hues of summer and the fiery shades of early autumn have long since faded, replaced by muted tones and subdued colour as this place waits for the snowy white of winter’s grip. For now, there is still plenty of beauty to be found in that which has been left behind and abandoned.

Images were captured in November 2022, in Northwestern Waterloo, Ontario.

Photo Details (left to right):
1) Canon EOS 60D, EF70-200mm ƒ/2.8L IS II USM | 200mm, 1/400 sec. at ƒ/2.8, ISO100
2) Canon EOS 60D, EF70-200mm ƒ/2.8L IS II USM | 130mm, 1/60 sec. at ƒ/4.5, ISO100
3) Canon EOS 60D, EF70-200mm ƒ/2.8L IS II USM | 200mm, 1/13 sec. at ƒ/11, ISO100
Additional processing via Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop.

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