Tie a Yellow Ribbon… (#RMD 2023-02-15)


It is time for another of Rory’s Morning Dawdler (#RMD). Three times a week Rory, The Autistic Composter at Earthly Comforts posts several questions for the blogosphere to ponder.

1. If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be and why?

As a Canadian, it would be very easy to pick a Maple Tree. It makes delicious syrup for your pancakes and is the national symbol that appears on our flag. It would be the natural choice on this February 15th aka Flag Day in Canada. Happy Flag Day everyone but to be clear the maple tree is not my choice.

I remember the old oak tree out back of my Grandfather’s place. Us grandkids spent many hours playing beneath that tree. We collected and made bubble blowers pipes from the acorns it dropped and climbed its branches. We never did tie a yellow ribbon around that old oak tree though.

It was a sad day when the property was sold and the contractors took the tree down to build row houses. The old oak was wise and majestic and as I age those are qualities I can aspire to, well majestic may be a stretch but hopefully, I’ve acquired some wisdom along the way.

2. Name five (5) uses for a stapler other than stapling.

I’m pretty sure everyone has covered a myriad of uses for a stapler so instead of listing five, I am going to recount a story that I ensure will be the most bizarre use of a stapler ever.

I remember some years ago listening to an interview with a Metal band, I want to say Guns and Roses but it may have been Mötley Crüe, Metallica or another band of the genre. I really don’t remember.

The DJ conducting the radio interview and the band members were discussing the autograph signing session at the HMV on Yonge Street in Toronto when he asked, “What was the weirdest fan request for an autograph?”

One of the band members responded by saying that they’d had requests to sign body parts, boobs, butts or that type of thing but that the most bizarre was an incident prior to a show in San Francisco where a fan was requesting tickets.

The fan approached the table and in the discussion, he said he’d do anything for a pair of ducats to the show that evening. There happened to be a stapler sitting on the table and as a joke one of the band members said, “Ok, would you grab that stapler and staple yourself with it?” The guy instantly picked up the stapler and before anyone could say anything, banged four staples into his own forehead. “It was surreal and it was the moment I realized how devoted our fans were. He stood there with blood running down his forehead so we had to get him a pair.”

3. Do you believe in tipping for good service received and do you think that tipping makes for a better service?

Personally, I don’t believe in tipping. That said, I accept that there are certain industries where tipping is traditional and I normally oblige in those circumstances. However, I believe tipping should not be considered when determining wages and as such expected. Employers should be paying their staff reasonable wages. I believe it to be a fairer business practice that will attract and retain employees and lead to better customer satisfaction.

What I find troubling is that the practice of tipping has seemingly begun to creep into non-traditional business environments. For example, I was at a concert this week where I purchased a concert tee for my wife. While completing the transaction the electronic payment terminal provided options to add a 15% / 20% / 25% tip to the already overpriced tee that the attendant grabbed from the giant box behind her. Seriously? Employers, pay your staff! I can cite other examples, the local grocery store that asks for tips when you buy food from the pre-made food counter, or the coffee shop app sending me reminders to tip the Barista hours after I’ve paid and received my drive-thru order. Again, EMPLOYERS PAY YOUR F#CK!NG STAFF APPROPRIATELY!!!

4. Do you have a blog to write or do you have a blog to socialise only and which one could you survive without if one was taken away?

My blog is first and foremost a vehicle for me to write. When I started I didn’t know what to expect but the social aspect has been an added bonus. And now for the shameless plug. Check out the rest of my site, visit us at…

Rory’s Morning Dawdler.
Date: 2023-02-15
Tags: #rmd, #morningdawdler

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9 thoughts on “Tie a Yellow Ribbon… (#RMD 2023-02-15)

    1. Gr8BigFun Post author

      That he was. I find it fascinating how crazy people can get about their fav performers, sports teams, politicians (just look at the Trump lunatics), etc…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Paula Light

    It was fun to visit your main site. Thanks for the nudge. I’m really tired of tipping, except for the traditional personal services, like hairdressers, table service, special requests at hotels, etc. I don’t think I should have to tip the person who takes my coffee order when I still have to stand there for it and get my own napkins! It’s getting really crazy…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gr8BigFun Post author

      Well, we are definitely on the same wavelength when it comes to tipping! I often wonder if anyone visits the actual website or if they are viewing through the reader. Am I wasting my time worrying about how the site looks if the WP Reader is just going to mash it all up anyway?


  2. Marleen

    … I believe tipping should not be considered when determining wages and as such expected. Employers should be paying their staff reasonable wages.

    I agree. It’s interesting wording, asking if a person “believes in” tipping…

    I don’t believe in tipping. I believe in livable pay from an employer. But I tip where it fits in my U.S. society, where wages are below even the “minimum” wage — such as to waitresses and waiters. It makes sense, for the same reason, to tip valets too (although some valet companies happen to pay better than others recently).

    Liked by 1 person


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