2023-04-03 —  Share Your World

2023-04-03 —  Share Your World

1. Do you have a favourite movie?

My favourite movie is ‘The Usual Suspects’. Writer Christopher McQuarrie and Director Brian Singer weave an intricately layered crime drama that has stood the test of time since its debut in 1995. Honourable mentions go to the Coen Brothers ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’, a fantastic retelling of Homer’s Odyssey and ‘Layer Cake’ a British crime drama starring Daniel Craig.

2. Who is you favourite actor and actress?

For my answers to this question, I will stay with the classic definition of gender while acknowledging times are changing.

Favourite Actress: Cate Blanchett. She has received many accolades over the years and is considered one of the best actresses of her generation. I particularly recall her performance in ‘The Shipping News’. Her performance was the highlight of a well-crafted film although not in the Hollywood sense.

Favourite Actor: Kevin Spacey. Separating the man from the work I have to say he is one of the best actors I have seen. His work in the aforementioned ‘The Usual Suspects’ and ‘House of Cards’ is outstanding. I don’t ascribe to cancel culture and the way it’s meted out in today’s world however there are people who the facts show to be reprehensible and I think it is safe to say his work in real life is less impressive.

3. Do you attend or have you ever attended a live theatre production?

I have attended many shows over the many years I’ve walked the planet. My very favourite was ‘Showboat’ which I saw at the formerly named Ford Center for the Performing Arts in North York. (A former borough of the now amalgamated City of Toronto.) The music was sublime and one of the leads had the deepest, most soulful voice I’ve ever heard live. Magical.

4. Have you ever wanted to be an actor/actress?

Not in any serious sense. Certainly not as a career but who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to walk across the stage, silver screen or beam into millions of homes. For those who achieve stardom, it’s a lifestyle those of us mere mortals can’t really begin to fathom. For others in the industry, I’d imagine it is a very tough life.


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2 thoughts on “2023-04-03 —  Share Your World

  1. pensitivity101

    Hello and thank you for joining in with Share Your World. The Usual Suspects was a brilliant film, one of Kevin Spacey’s best IMO. I remember Cate Blanchett In Robin Hood, Hannah, Indiana Jones IV (not her best role I think, but it was tongue in cheek) and Pushing Tin.

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