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The Hunter and the Hunted

I think spiders are amazing creatures, using homespun silk to trap the insects looking to feast on my garden. As much as I love these hunters I also have an irrational fear reaction to them at a subconscious level. As ridiculous as it sounds, I lost count of how many times shivers ran up and down my spine as I was searching for the images for this post.

In the tall grasses
Spinning ’round your silky trap

The winged huntress waits

Photo Credit: Vinayak Varma (Spider in Web) via Unsplash and Unknown (Bird Eating Spider)
Copyright 2022 Greg Glazebrook, All Rights Reserved.

Haiku – Winter Storm

The inspiration for this haiku bloomed in the aftermath of a family ice skating excursion. It was hot cocoa all ’round and my little one was captivated by the giant snowflakes falling on the icy cold side of our bay window, complete with heart drawings in the steamy cocoa fog.

Winter white blanket
of softly fallen snow through
cocoa steamed hearts

Written for Colleen Chesebro’s#TankaTuesday Poetry Challenge #256
Photo credit: Jill Wellington via Pexels.
Copyright 2022 Greg Glazebrook, All Rights Reserved.

Terrible Poetry

Keeping in mind I’m fairly new at this blogging and writing thing, I’m still exploring a lot of old posts and such. This week I shared a poem with Saddle Up Saloon: Anyone Can Poem with Chel Owens at the Carrot Ranch Literary Community. Well didn’t that take me down the proverbial rabbit hole eventually popping up at Week 3 of Chel Owens now defunct Terrible Poetry Contest from November 2018. She has posted some excellent content too. I highly recommend checking out her blog. Anyway, writing terrible poetry sounded way better than whatever I was getting paid to do at the office –To my boss: I’m on lunch break, I swear! – so I just had to give it a go. The instructions: Write a terrible haiku for the topic “Falling Snow”. So three years late, give or take, here it goes…

Terrible Haiku #1

Snowflakes falling white
Landing where I dare to walk
Pish I’ve fallen too

Terrible Haiku #2

God scratches its skin
Psoriasis falls like snow
To my waiting tongue

Photo credit: Darrell Cassell via Unsplash.
Copyright 2021 Greg Glazebrook, All Rights Reserved.