The Hunter and the Hunted

I think spiders are amazing creatures, using homespun silk to trap the insects looking to feast on my garden. As much as I love these hunters I also have an irrational fear reaction to them at a subconscious level. As ridiculous as it sounds, I lost count of how many times shivers ran up and down my spine as I was searching for the images for this post.

In the tall grasses
Spinning ’round your silky trap

The winged huntress waits

Photo Credit: Vinayak Varma (Spider in Web) via Unsplash and Unknown (Bird Eating Spider)
Copyright 2022 Greg Glazebrook, All Rights Reserved.


6 thoughts on “The Hunter and the Hunted

    1. Gr8BigFun Post author

      So does my rational side… it’s that other side that sometimes decides to upstage all rationality. Its not like I run and hide when I see one, normally I’d trap it in a glass and take it outside but there is that startle moment when I first notice them on the ceiling or catch one scurrying across the counter. It was strange when I was surfing the pics at Unsplash. I was looking at them thinking cool, look at those eyes, or intricate webs, then I’d get a chill down my spine, back and forth until I found the right images.

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