Beyond the Heavens

Remi had worked for this moment for as long as he could remember; no handbook or road map had guided him to this point; only his dogged determination in the pursuit of scientific discovery and an innate ability to harness his imagination to reveal impossible solutions.

He quivered as the machine sighed and rumbled to life; the air cracking just above the tension of the shimmering surface.

The multiverse was only a theoretical mathematical construct before he’d discovered a way to open the portal that reached beyond the heavens.

Remi envisioned an expansive network of universes hidden behind the opening’s viscous filter.

The autonomous probe entered the diaphragm, wearing immediately in the wind like current; the camera glimpsing only shadows before going dark.

His greatest triumph, although successful, would come undone as the armies of the multiverse poured through the gate…

Written for Six Sentence Stories #196 at GirlieOnTheEdge
Word Prompt: wear
Note: Used in the post in context to nautical terminology.

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge at
This, That, and the Other
Words: dogged (2022/01/23) and handbook (2022/01/24)

Artwork: Sam Del Russi
Copyright 2022 Greg Glazebrook, All Rights Reserved.


13 thoughts on “Beyond the Heavens

  1. clark

    beware even looking at the multiverse, to paraphrase our boy Friedrich, the multiverse not gazes back, it reaches out and grabs us….

    I wonder where Ruth is…”*

    fun Six… loves me them parallel dimension Sixeses

    *old person’s cultural reference to your line “…only his dogged determination”**
    ** from Firesign Theatre’s ‘Nick Danger, Third Eye”

    Liked by 3 people


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