Green Mountain Gold


Green Mountain Gold

Vermont Cheddar, how could anything be terrible about that? The terroir and tang of regional cheeses with a great bottle of wine sound delightful. I’m in, who knows maybe too much wine will help with this month’s Terrible Poetry Contest! About that, Chel asks us to write a terrible limerick about this regional cheese. Two months ago I said let them eat cake, now I say let them eat cheese!!! on to the terribleness again…

From Vermont came a cheddar, behold
Legend has it, one heck of a mold
Big cheese curd not forstall
The coming Woodchuck brawl.
For a chance to taste Green Mountain gold.

And I’m off to make some nachos with melted cheese (and maybe chili!)

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Chel Owens, Terrible Poetry Contest.
Theme: Vermont Cheddar | Form: Limerick
Date: 2023-05 | Tags: #terriblepoetrycontest

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6 thoughts on “Green Mountain Gold

  1. Ron.

    “Yum” says this reader sitting on his couch about 12 miles south of the Canadian border in what the rest of Vermonters refer to as The Northeast Kingdom as he tries to decide which is more Vermonty: Cabot Cheddar or locally tapped maple syrup.


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