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I was once wild…

I was once wild…

I was once wild…

Roaming across
vast open plains.
At times hungry, waiting
for my harem’s return.

Sunbaked beneath
Endless captive skies,
I ruled my domain
with absolute authority.

My young apprentice
watching me through light,
distorted in the heat
rising from her scorched skin.

Motionless amongst
the tall grasses
bend to her will in the
slight Saharan breeze.

Not hidden…
For I am aware
of his full intention,
transfer through succession

The next generation,
patient, in youthful impatience,
waiting for the sun to
rise on a new King.

To you, that cages my freedom,
we are not different!
Protecting one’s pride to
precariously hold onto power.

Our moment is fleeting,
the sun rising and setting
on a conclusion as inevitable
as the rhythms of home.

Kingdoms rise and fall, but
Mother’s hands remain steady,
continually reshaping, and
redefining balance.

It is a fool’s errand
to push against her nature,
for her ever-shifting moods
recognize it’s part of nature too.

Once, we were all wild…

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Flaw In the Equation

Flaw In the Equation

Humanity had landed men on the moon and sent spacecraft on missions through the solar system but deep space remained elusive, an expanse too vast for life to traverse. In spite of every effort, no viable options had emerged allowing interstellar travel. Naturally, the human ego determined the physics of space travel impossible. Never stopping to think that maybe humans were the flaw in the equation, not mentally complex enough to comprehend the science required to open a door to the stars.

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