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T-Shirt Wisdom Tuesday (2246)

Welcome to a special Remembrance Day edition of T-Shirt Wisdom Tuesday.

Today marks the day hostilities officially ceased and World War I came to an end. In Canada and many commonwealth nations, November 11th is known as Remembrance Day. A solemn holiday to remember the brave men and women who gave their lives in the Great Wars and other armed conflicts to preserve the freedoms we take for granted every day. It is customary to observe a moment of silence at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the date and time the armistice treaty officially came into effect to honour our fallen soldiers.

Now more than ever we must remember the reasons these brave individuals sacrificed everything and find the resolve to build bridges to strengthen our democracies and preserve our way of life.

While out and about one afternoon I saw an individual wearing a T-Shirt with an image on it. I have recreated it here to share.

Lest we forget.

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Hero of War

Hero of War

In 2003 a United States led coalition invaded Iraq. The Iraqi forces were quickly overwhelmed leading to the fall of the Ba’athist government led by Saddam Hussein. The coalition would remain in Iraq for the next 8 years, officially withdrawing from the country in 2011.

In October 2008 Chicago based punk rock giants Rise Against released their 5th studio album entitled “Appeal to Reason“. The theme for this week Song Lyric Sunday is Army / Soldier / War and I have chosen to highlight the track “Hero of War” from that release. The track was only released as a promo single but did receive significant play on alternative radio.

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The Blood of War

This originally started as a reply to a post that Jim at A Unique Title for Me posted. It got me thinking about the broader context of government and in particular the idea that the people are accountable for the action of their government. In particular, Russians when it comes to Putin.

Yes, Vladimir Putin gave the order to invade Ukraine, the former Soviet republic that declared its independence on January 22nd, 1989. Putin has chosen this path not because of the excuses such as “denazification” or the perceived threat NATO presents to Russia if Ukraine achieves member status. It is all smoke and mirrors to hide the real reasons for Putin’s war, to turn back the clock to a bygone era. To return to some perceived Russian greatness that never really existed. He alone must answer to the world for his illegal actions in Ukraine and the war crimes he has committed in the name of Mother Russia.

I will say that from a world perspective I do not believe the international community and the allied countries of the West are doing enough to quell the Putin threat. Russian aggression in Ukraine has the eerie feel of Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939. The parallels are well documented elsewhere and too many to list here. We the world must stand with Ukraine and prevent history from repeating itself.

I believe the Russian people are good people. Historically they have suffered immeasurable hardship. For the record, the Russian experience is not unique. Many other peoples in various parts of the world have suffered repeatedly at the hands of internal and external forces. That type of suffering creates a certain pathos that brings about insecurity in the people of a nation. It doesn’t require a great leap to see how people end up following someone like Putin who instills a sense of national pride by assuaging their collective vulnerabilities and making them feel whole again.

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The Cost of Indifference

Unrelenting darkness pressed down above the northern city trapped beneath the rubble of an intercontinental war it never asked for. Its only downfall is being landlocked between a wicked aggressor on the eastern front and indifference amongst the free and democratic societies to the west. The democratically elected government had aligned with the Western powers during the peaceful years following the Planetary Armistice of 2740.

The Eastern airforce was engaging in a campaign to carpet the rural grain and sheep farms with clusters of bombs precisely spaced to ensure maximum destruction of the arable countryside. Facing certain starvation, anger grew as it became clear that their allies had abandoned them. Sure, the West was providing stockpiles of old and neglected weaponry to shore up the National Resistance but compared to the weapons of modern warfare they were playing in the technological dark ages.

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Safe Passage

Bombs rained down around the village, now a target in a tyrant’s senseless war. Heorhiy thumb the cracked screens on the electronic gadgets in his hands hoping the screens and circuitry survived the concussive force of nearby explosions.

He was a farmer, not a fighter but she knew he would defend his homeland to the end. First worked to secure safe passage for his family. Lesya did not want to leave him but he insisted. She understood and accepted his need to see them safe. She watched him frantic, harried, as he searched for a signal from anywhere. Seeking information on the safest corridor, ensuring they safely fled to refugee centers across the border.

As they joined the convoy of millions moving north she could see he was torn, tempted to stay. She begged him to abandon this foolish fight and stay with them. The losses inflicted were enormous. She knew staying was a death sentence.

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Vladimir the Terrible

With the criminal actions of Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation, the world is less safe today. Democracy, freedom and the stability of Europe are threatened by the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. The world must respond harshly and without waiver in condemning the despicable act of war initiated by a tyrant and bully. This may seem abstract and distant to many in the West, do not be lulled into a false sense of security. Russian aggression and our responses are being watched by China and other threats to human rights, freedom of speech and the very core values of free and democratic societies. Now is the time for the international community to show these despots that our resolve is strong. Stand strong for Ukraine, Europe and for freedom everywhere.

Vladimir the Terrible,
Has he gone insane?
At the word of a madman
Tovarishchi Putin Ukraine.

Across the border
At lighting pace,
With an F. U. to the world,
“I Putin your face!”

To the West I implore
You’d best not forpass.
zanimat’sya svoim delom
or I’m Putin nukes up your ass.

For his reckless actions,
International sanctions he’ll face,
But with Beijing behind him
He won’t be Putin his place

No time to be insouciant,
We must stand up as one,
Thumb our noses at tyrants
And with Putin be done.

For this act of war,
He deserves a beat down,
or a dose of Novichok
For to be Putin the ground.

tovarishchi (товарищи) – Russian for “comrades”
zanimat’sya svoim delom (заниматься своим делом) – Russian for “mind your business”

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Please Stay

Take a moment during the holidays to remember the dedicated individuals, past and present, who risked their lives to protect our freedom. War is not something we seek, however, there are times it is necessary. In those times you rose to the challenges and because of your sacrifices we live and celebrate our own beliefs freely.

Soldiers departing from London, Ontario, heading to fight in World War I. During the First and Second World Wars
soldiers were transported to the point of departure for Europe by train. — CP Rail Archives. 

“Please Stay!” she pleaded.
Her Soldier, waving goodbye, unable to comprehend
her words above the din of Union Station.

Week #241 of Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt.
Word: Din, Count: 19

Photo credit: Canadian Pacific Railways Archives

Copyright 2021 Greg Glazebrook, All Rights Reserved.

Does Canada Remember?

November 11th marks Remembrance Day in Canada. Many of us will solemnly pay respect to the men and women who served our country and fought to preserve the values we so deeply believe. 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the legions poppy campaign and the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Hong Kong. We almost forget the second world war was fought on multiple fronts. It wasn’t just Germany but also Japan in the Pacific theatre who would wage war against the Allies. The battle would see the British colony fall to the Japanese. The lives of 290 Canadian soldiers would be lost on the battlefield and 264 would perish in Japanese POW camps over the next four years. Another 493 brave Canadian soldiers would bare the physical scars of battle forever and countless would suffer from the mental scars left behind from the gruesome realities of war.    Continue reading

Does Canada Remember?


November 11th marks Remembrance Day in Canada. Many of us will solemnly pay respect to the men and women who served our country and fought to preserve the values we so deeply believe. 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of The Battle of Passchendaele. Victory on the muddy Belgian battlefield would prove costly. The lives of 4,000 Canadian soldiers would be lost, 12,000 would bare the physical scars from their wounds forever and countless others would suffer from the mental scars left behind from the gruesome realities of war.    Continue reading