Coming Home

Cool November air fills
My lungs as I walk
The drive to your door
Fallen leaves fresh
Beneath my feet
Bid to betray my approach

Forgotten memories
Long faded from mind,
Tempered by the passage of time

Worn and weathered
Two estranged souls
Still harbouring resentment
Refusing to surrender
Like the last leaves of autumn
Clinging to barren branches

Beyond our battered walls
We meet face to face
To assess the coming winter

The wilderness
Heavy with fallen snow
Revealing its sturdy foundation

Time flows infinite but
Our path intersects
For a brief moment

What future still remains
Holding all possible conclusions
The choices we make today
Set the road we follow tomorrow
Moving forward is impossible
If we get mired in yesterday

She looks up at the
Crunch of dried leaves
Beneath my feet
An awkward moment
Then a smile and wave
And I’m home

Photo credit: Seth Doyle via Unsplash.
Copyright 2021 Greg Glazebrook, All Rights Reserved.


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