Alternate Reality 5

5: Reckoning

He is sitting at the table with his wife next to him. Sadie walks up from behind and leaning in whispers, “I remember what you did to me.”

His glass slips from his hand as she continues on a line. Looking back to see jets of red shoot across the white table. Her message delivered, like an arrow straight through the heart.

Standing at the end of the bar she watches as he slowly comes undone. Ready for the fight to come Sadie catches a glimpse in the mirror. She sees only herself looking back.

Part 4: Collision Course

Part 5 of 5
Part 1 originally written for Week #235 of Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt. (Word: Mirror, Count: 95)
Background Photo: Pawel Czerwinski via Unsplash.
Copyright 2021 Greg Glazebrook, All Rights Reserved.

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