T’was the Night Before Christmas

Another year and Christmas is upon us. Where has the time gone. Seems like I wrote last year’s Christmas post only a fortnight ago. Yet here we are.

Of course Nathaniel is a year older and so excited. About a month ago we bought a Christmas village complete with moving train and a full light show.

He was so excited about the village and that excitement has carried over to the tree and the presents. He’s excited by Santa too but only from a distance. For his Santa picture Mr. Claus had to hide behind the door to the reindeer shed before he’d get anywhere near Santa’s chair.

2018 also welcomed a new four legged family member. Max is a fluffy, snow white puppy. Ofcourse he is now about 10 weeks old and wants to chew everything. His favourite target of late is the tree skirt which can be found being dragged behind the little bugger!

Half a century, Wow! 2018 was a milestone year. Turning 50 should be a big deal but other than few new aches and pains I don’t feel like I’m that old. Maybe the young ones are keeping me young too.

The year has had its ups and downs but as always I am thankful for everything I have and look forward to working to resolve outstanding challenges as we move towards another year.

As we sit around the Christmas tree, Christmas Eve dinner with family finished, my thoughts turn to you, all my friends and family. I imagine the lead up to the holidays was as hectic for you as it was for me. I hope now that the holiday has arrived you and your family are finally relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. It is this part that is the most important. The time we spend together is what matters most. Everything else in all its excitement, wonder and at times excess is just that, everything else. So I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy 2019.


Greg Glazebrook and Fmaily, Holiday Message 2018

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