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The Point of No Return

The Point of No Return

Jimmy stood six foot two and was handsome with long flowing sandy brown hair. He was already the star quarterback of the Greenville High football team in his junior year. The kind of kid the boys envy and the girls swoon over. Driving an old Ford that he and his father had nursed back to life. Jimmy pulled up to the curb just as I was stepping out the front door.

Me, I’m Bobbi-Jo and I was a sophomore cheerleader with above-average academic ability. My sister insists I was already the frontrunner for Homecoming Queen come senior year. I’d never make it there to find out.

First, we hit the local Sonic outlet for a romantic dashboard dinner. It was where all the boys with licenses took their girls. It may sound all Jack and Diane but no one was suckin’ on no John Cougar chili dogs. After a bite, we headed to the Greenville 3 (because it had three screens) drive-in for the Friday night double feature. I don’t remember what movies were playing but I can still picture the spot where Jimmy parked that Mustang along the back row fence.

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Blind Rage

Violence against women is all too prevalent in society today. It is not acceptable that many women still live with that reality every day and we must all work together to eliminate it. Unfortunately, scenarios like the one in my #weekendwritingprompt are all too common.

Content Warning: Strong sexual and violent themes implied, including violence against women. Content could elicit strong emotional reactions, reader beware.

Blind Rage

The room stopped momentarily as the exquisitely dressed Ella made her provocative entrance. Not 48 hours earlier she had dumped me insisting I was a small spiteful man and now this, as if to mock me.

“Who’s the vindictive one,” he thought, his blood boiling as he slipped into the restroom behind her. “Let’s see how that dress looks coloured in red…”

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