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The Bottom of Nine

Trailing by two in the bottom of nine,
A single, then double, stroked down the line,
On second and third they jostle about,
While eight and nine both swing and strike out.

Ace steps to the plate, set on a mission,
Wielding his bat with reckless precision,
Direct from the mound comes a red-stitched pearl,
Did he throw straight heat or spin up the curl?

Nary a twitch as it whizzes on by,
“Strike!” shouts the Umpire,
“Hey blue, check your eye!”
Not even close, ’bout a foot off the edge,
The Babe couldn’t hit that with a six-foot sledge.

Next comes a bender, left hung out to dry,
The crack of the bat, it’s a monstrous fly,
If it stays fair it’ll sail off in the night,
Instead, it drifts foul, a long and loud strike!

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Family Business

Family Business

The CEO droned on about recovery, new products and the future but there wasn’t enough money left in the kitty to make any of that happen.

Martin the youngest and brightest of the four brothers sat quietly, half taking in what was being said, half watching what was happening beyond the windows of the top floor headquarters. His blood boiling with every word that the imbecile his older brothers had hired spit out and hurled the length of the table his brothers and the other board members encircled.

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