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A Hell of a Bargain

A Hell of a Bargain

Adriel crept down the uneven staircase as the prism of light that scattered through the chapel’s ornate stained glass receded behind him.

The inky blackness consuming everything in its path as he grappled with the cool, damp walls of the hidden passage that seemed to descend into hell itself.

The pungent smell of brimstone grew stronger with each step as thoughts of returning to his previous existence drowned out the knot in his stomach that screamed turn back.

His Mother’s soul did nothing to stop her from shooting too much poison into her veins, it just hovered on the ceiling, watching her suffocate while Adriel beg her to wake up, then fleeing like a petty thief the moment she’d taken her last gasp.

He didn’t want to end up broken like her so he sought out a buyer willing to provide cars, boats, women, and all the lavish perks of excess living in exchange for something he had no use for, his soul.

Reaching the bottom step he could see the Devil and his legal team waiting by an oversized conference table set amidst the endless inferno, contract in hand…

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Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

darkness falls
inside my head
shades the world
in thoughts of dread
light obscures
then fades away
with no escape
my nerve ends fray

the things I put
into my vein
suppressing demons
masking pain
could only yield
a brief respite
return the beast
the endless night

at the edge
of ever more
to find release
to quell the roar
please don’t mourn
my final deed
from the darkness
for which I’m freed

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The bastard left me spinning at thirteen. Got himself killed at work and never came home. I’ve hated him through years of anger, substance abuse and self-destruction.


Dead from overdose, his ghost paid me an impromptu visit. Narcan pulled me back but his forgiveness changed my life forever.

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