16. Revenge: The Captive Soul

16-1. Revenge: The Captive Soul (Followed)

Inez always came to mind in the aftermath of one of his excursions. What would she say, he thought.

Across town, his former lover walked along the trail from town. She sensed its presence, a shiver running up her spine. The treetops rustled and swayed overhead as if something was tracking her, waiting for an opening to swoop down. She hurried her step…


16-2. Revenge: The Captive Soul (Revealed)

Breathtaking, like the air had been removed. She gasped as it settled behind her.

16-3. Revenge: The Captive Soul (Understanding)

Inez awoke in her bedroom. She could feel Charles’ fingerprint on the woman sitting beside her.

“I didn’t know!” She blurted out in fear.

“Perhaps, but you sensed the potential that lay within, even showed great enterprise in controlling it for a while” Lilith’s eyes darted to the beast. “I mean no harm but you have something I need.” She said as the beast set the box down next to Inez.

“The Ring?”


16-4. Revenge: The Captive Soul (Secret)

Inez didn’t know the ring’s secret but she could see the beast, clad in its coat of mail, flinch as she reached for it.

“Yes,” said Lilith, “but it’s more, I need you to help stop him.”

The Revenge Series

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Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt
#301 | 2023-03-04 | Prompt Word: treetop | Word Count: 63
#302 | 2023-03-11| Prompt Word: breathtaking | Word Count: 14
#303 | 2023-03-18 | Prompt Word: enterprise | Word Count: 73
#304 | 2023-03-25 | Prompt Word: mail | Word Count: 37
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