2313 – Sunday Digest: The Week in Review

2313 – Sunday Digest: The Week in Review

Although I could read the calendar this week my comprehension of how it works is suspect. Truth be told when I got home from work I started watching The Night Agent on Netflix. One in the morning and four binged episodes later with the blog completely on the backburner I crawled into my empty bed and fell fast asleep. So Sunday Digest is a Monday feature this week!

Have you ever started a new job, well new position at the old job and found that a series of predecessors had cocked it up so bad, this is sounding like it belongs on the Monday Peeve, it may take months to recover. So far I’ve found four different filing systems, with parts of each file in different physical and electronic locations. Pieces of files missing or buried in unprotected predecessor emails, or encrypted in a generic mailbox so that I cannot access them. Worse the only way to access the encrypted files is to have the original sender or recipient open it and many of those people have moved on to new jobs and locations. Of course, the encrypted emails should have been decrypted and moved to the corporate cloud where access can be granted outside the encryption process. Apparently, too much effort to click and drag! A week and a half in and I already have staff asking about the status of their requests for which there are no files anywhere or key pieces from their file including personal information is completely missing.

Time for a musical interlude and a chance to breathe, found myself listening to a lot of Glass Animals this week. I love the creativity of this band and one of my faves has to be Space Ghost. Plus the video is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen.

The rest of the world has gone mad, I think. Sure Trump was indicted by the Grand Jury (about effing time) and I saw one of the funniest memes about it. It is nice to see the racist orange man getting his comeuppance even if he gets off in the end one can only hope the stress takes years off of his pitiful existence. My only concern is if they get the legal shit wrong it could boost his run for another term in the White House. A risk that would be catastrophic for America and the free world.

Even more puzzling is Russia taking the lead of the UN Security Council for April. How in the name of God we can let that happen is ridiculous and shows how toothless our governmental and international governance models are broken. I read somewhere that Ukraine is incensed at the notion of the Russian State dictating the agenda at the UN. Do you blame them, as Putin continues to murder innocent civilians and military personnel protecting their homes the rest of the world allows them to dictate proceeding in an international forum that is responsible for keeping the peace between nations. Shit like this further erodes trust in government agencies as the world hurtles toward anarchy.

My Blue Jays (like I own the team) got off to a great start with a win in St. Louis but then dropped the next two. Everyone says it’s early and in baseball terms it is but it was a frustrating opening series for a team projected to make the post-season. Pitching is still a concern that I don’t think the front office has adequately addressed. Here’s hoping next week is better.

Everyone always says end on a positive note. Despite the mess at work and in the world I have to say I’m grateful for all I have and with spring here and warmer weather on the way I am looking forward to getting back outdoors and into the garden.

Now it’s time for the ‘week in review’ portion of this post…

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Next week…

Another Five Word Weekly, Four Line Fiction and hopefully some more new posts. My output has been light of late.

Have a great week,

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