9. Revenge: The Shadow Woman 1


9. Revenge: The Shadow Woman 1

Lilith fretted. She was comfortable skirting the periphery. Biding her time and studying the beast. Plotting how to best secure its loyalty. She needed it to support her primary mission.

Years had faded since she last saw him but not her memories. His captivating charm, the lost hours and waking up disoriented. His voice mocking as she stumbled dazed and half-naked into the corridor.

He was the real predator, worse than this unholy beast. Still, she clung to her script, leaving the dark recesses unprepared could prove severely disastrous.

“Show yourself,” the beast snarled. Slowly the shadow woman emerged.

The Revenge Series

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Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #294.
Prompt Word: script | Word Count: 100
Date: 2023-01-14 | Tags: #weekendwritingprompt

Cyranny’s Word of the Day Challenge.
Prompt Word: severe
Date: 2023-01-15 | Tags: #wotd

Fandango’s One Word Challenge.
Prompt Word: slow
Date: 2023-01-15 | Tags: #fowc

Carrot Ranch Literary’s Story Challenge in 99-words.
Theme: Write about a Lady Shadow | Word Count: 99
Date: 2023-01-16 | Tags: #99WordStories, #99words, #carrotranch

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