End of the Roll

Back in the day, Bushboy’s Last on the Card challenge may have been called Last on the Roll. Film cameras and the silver halide strips we put in them are pretty much relics from a bygone era. I have a huge collection of both negative and positive (aka slide) film packed away along with two Minolta and one Pentax cameras. The task of converting the volume of film into digital files will be monumental should I ever get around to it.

Today we take pictures from our phones, by the hundreds. All of today’s camera systems take images using a charge-coupled device (CCD). Believe it or not, this terrific device led to Eastman-Kodak’s Steve Sasson inventing the first digital camera in the early 1970s. The images were stored on magnetic cassette and would be available to view on any television screen. When he presented the technology to the company they were less than impressed. Sasson discussed management’s reaction to the invention in a New York Times interview years later:

“They were convinced that no one would ever want to look at their pictures on a television set. Print had been with us for over 100 years, no one was complaining about prints, they were very inexpensive, and so why would anyone want to look at their picture on a television set?”

Kodak was the dominant U.S. photography brand and they didn’t want to cannibalize their own film business. A shortsighted decision that prevented them from filing patents and when they did make the switch to digital eighteen years later it was too little, too late.

What does this have to do with Bushboy’s challenge, well the CCD has allowed us to capture pictures of anything and everything from family and friends to the menu at our favourite restaurant. Taking pictures has become so easy we snap anything and they just sit there on the card or the cloud waiting to be viewed

This month my last images worked out well. I have some great pictures, unlike last month which if I had shared would have been price tags from Costco. Nobody wants to see that. So without further ado here is the last on the roll… errrr… ummm… I mean card!

Last on the Phone
Image captured in June 2022 at Tim Horton Field, Hamilton, Ontario.
Equipment: Pixel 3XL, Rear Camera, 1/41 sec. at f1.8, ISO 51

Last on the Camera
Image captured in June 2022 in my backyard in Waterloo Region, Ontario.
Equipment: Canon EOS 60D, EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM

Bushboy’s Last On the Card Challenge.
Date: 2022-06 | Tags: #thelastphoto, #lotc

Fandango’s One Word Challenge.
Prompt Word: Terrific.
Date: 2022-06-30 | Tags: #fowc

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      Nice catch, that’s what happens when you copy blocks to save time and forget to change the info that needs updating. If I’d invited that many people over my wife would have killed me!!! Needless to say, the post has been corrected!

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