Lessons for Daughters

This poem was written with a friend from my teenage years in mind. I remember when we were heading out for the evening her father remind her of this lesson. If she found herself in a compromising situation, she held the upper hand and could outrun a guy with his pants wrapped around his ankles.

Lessons for Daughters

Be wary of the suitor,
Whose fancy you do tickle.
It’s your virtue he’ll purloin,
Then bolt off like a scoundrel.
He’ll talk sweet ‘n try to woo you,
And beg you for a sample.
If you find yourself in peril,
All caught up in a pickle.
Remember, you’ll outrun him,
Once his pants are ’round the ankle.

Photo Credit: Simon Hattinga Verschure via Unsplash
Copyright 2022 Greg Glazebrook, All Rights Reserved.


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