What If?

What if I just said “Hi?”

Do you think she’d notice,
Maybe say Hi back,
Or will she ignore me,
Pretend she heard jack?

I could buy her a coffee,
See if she’ll stay,
Or take the drink gracefully,
And be on her way…

What if I smiled,
And shot her a glance,
Maybe some sweet talk,
Will get in her pants?!?

Wait, it wasn’t supposed,
To be like this,
She and her friend,
Just blew me a kiss!

I’m sitting her flustered,
Caught in a stare,
Should I just walk over,
and talk to the pair?

Instead I just pack up,
Head straight for the door,
Trip on my left feet and,
Fall flat on the floor…

“Are you ok?”
I heard someone say,
As I picked up my ego,
And just ran away!

Sitting in my car,
As if I could die,
What a novel idea
Maybe next time I’ll try…

What if I just said “Hi?”

Photo Credits: cottonbro via Pexels.
Copyright 2022 Greg Glazebrook, All Rights Reserved.


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