Mask Mandate

As masking mandates come to an end in Ontario and many other jurisdictions there are many businesses and other venues that will still require clients and employees to wear masks. Trying to explain to people that this is not an affront to their freedom is an uphill battle. They seem to forget businesses can run their operation as they see fit. The goods and services they provide are at their leisure, they have no obligation to serve you. It is no different than the adage “no shoes, no shirt, no service.” Your rights and freedoms are not being infringed upon, you have the choice to comply or go elsewhere.
In my experience, the majority of individuals who raise a stink almost universally carry a mask and after making a jackass of themselves put it on and go about their business. If you are one of those people, remember that the sixteen-year-old working behind the counter did not set the policy. They have an absolute right to not be subjected to your opinions, frustration or abuse. If a mask is that big a deal go elsewhere otherwise shut up and put the damned thing on!

I was standing behind the counter when he walked in, mask in his hand.

“Sir, masks are mandatory,”

“Jesus, you people and your masks,” he shot back, “Government’s got you twisted up over the bloody flu.”

“In light of overwhelming science, I don’t purport to understand your position but without a mask you’ll have to leave.”

With a grumble, he put the mask on.

Contains prompt from Sammi Cox’s
Weekend Writing Prompt #252.
Date: 2022-03-12 | Word: Purport | Count: 64

Photo Credit: Alireza Khatami via Unsplash.
Copyright 2022 Greg Glazebrook, All Rights Reserved.

13 thoughts on “Mask Mandate

  1. Fandango

    I’ve always wondered when I see a sign that says,“no shoes, no shirt, no service,” whether or not someone with shoes and a shirt but no pants would get service.

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    1. Gr8BigFun Post author

      I like to think my imposing and muscular frame tempered the altercation, at least in my dreams but truth be told Sammi only gave me 64 words to work with! Lol!

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  2. Marleen

    You are so right about not burdening the kid or young adult behind the counter or serving at a table or however the place works. Really, even the owner or manager, for the most part. It is the case, though, that I have didn’t less time browsing at places where I have to be masked the whole time; it’s difficult for me to breathe and not feel disoriented (I have to wonder, therefore, if I’m slightly lie on oxygen). But that’s my own problem if I’m at a private place. Yes, I can leave — go somewhere else or go home.

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    1. Marleen

      Sorry for the typos

      … such as spent and low having been replaced with nonsensical words in context


  3. Gr8BigFun Post author

    Bonafide medical conditions are a different thing. I understand if someone has a reason for not wearing a mask but even in those cases other options like a family member could do the shopping. Mainly because if your breathing is that compromised you probably are at higher risk of death from COVID. My concern is with those who just want to argue for no reason.


    1. Marleen

      Yeah, I get that about people who want to argue. I don’t even want to think I have a bonafide medical reason, so I just cooperate. And, I mean, what would be the point? You know? I’ll stand up for myself where I see my own rights being infringed, but it’s about the proprietor’s rights if I’m at someone’s workplace or own property. It is good to understand for special needs. Both ways, really. My cousin’s wife had cancer in 2020, and I was helping in the home (mid-2020). So, I wanted to make special requests of owners who didn’t want to use a mask in their own businesses — that they wear one when I came on behalf of my cousin-in-law.

      I had Covid-19 in early 2020, and I recovered quickly. The whole thing was rather mild, to me. But it was clearly (based on the symptoms) something different than I’ve ever had before (as it is to everybody here). I’m so thankful all my olfactory senses came back in a timeframe that wasn’t oppressive on a psychological level. Plus, I’ve heard about a study where the loss of smell and taste and then those memory uses were seen to lead to greater brain loss. Over a few months. Yikes! I had more trouble with the second shot than with the infection, though. Again, however, I’m thankful. No heart or thrombosis issues. And I’m getting better.

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