The Lament of an Older Parent

Having kids when you are young is a very difficult task; I mean, most days you struggle to care for yourself. Christ, you’re barely an adult, still trying to reconcile the memories of your parent’s handy work with your naive idea of parenting. Everything is a crisis, usually warranting a trip to the family practitioner or the emergency room. Nothing is more embarrassing than waiting six hours to watch a doctor slap a band-aid on a scraped knee and send you home.

A distance from your own upbringing and the knowledge gathered through life provides you with a sagacious foresight that translates into a more confident parenting experience. The problem for older parents is how tired they are at the end of every day; why do those little rug rats need to be so damned rambunctious!

Written for Six Sentence Stories #198 at GirlieOnTheEdge
Word Prompt: Rambunctious

Photo Credit: Unknown
Copyright 2022 Greg Glazebrook, All Rights Reserved.

13 thoughts on “The Lament of an Older Parent

  1. messymimi's meanderings

    Yep, it’s hard from both ends.

    My #1 Son had 3 trips to the ER, two trips to the doctor for emergencies, and 8 calls to poison control by his 3rd birthday, and every one was necessary. How in the world i had the courage or stamina to have more kids i do not understand today.



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