Home Inspection

When I first read this week’s prompt for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt my brain caught a severe case of Dyslexic Moment Syndrome (DMS). Admittedly, DMS is a completely fabricated, home diagnosed condition. Trust me, I am not making fun of the disorder. In fact, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to look at a page of text and not be able to read it. I admire anyone who has developed coping strategies to overcome it.
That said, those of us who are not dyslexic have all experienced DMS at some point in time. Today when reading Sammi’s word my brain saw ‘termity’ instead of ‘temerity’. I normally look up the official dictionary meaning of these words, even the ones I’m intimately familiar with, before writing but because my idea used a play on the word, I didn’t bother. I didn’t catch my mistake until I went to add a link to the dictionary meaning to the end of my post. For the record, once I realized my error I went back and added to the story, blowing the 69 word limit out of the water. This is the tall tale I came up with…

“Howdy Y’all,” Big Daddy said in that slow southern drawl he was known for. Jumping down from his jacked up pickup truck he added, “Looks like a fine property Bubba. Let me take a peek.”

Bubba and Bobbie Jean waited patiently on the porch while Big Daddy did his thing. Checking the roof, windows, foundation from inside and out. He was meticulous as he went about his task, scrutinizing all the things a conscientious building inspector would normally inspect.

We probably should have waited for the inspection before signing the deal, Bubba,” Bobbie Jean lamented.

“Don’t worry Sugar, this place is perfect. I see little Bubbas running everywhere,” he replied.

When Big Daddy finally returned he said, “Beautiful property. A great place to raise the little ones, someday.”

“So it’s all good then?” Bubba said as he began to relax.

“Well, I wouldn’t say that,” Big Daddy retorted. Billie Jean sensed the bubble about to burst as he continued, “Problem ain’t the property boy. The building’s all ‘termity’. Haven’t seen an infestation this bad in years. The whole God damned place could fall in at any moment. I’d steer clear if I was you!”

Epic fail written for Week #243 of Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt, guess I’ll have to try again.
Photo credit: Unknown.
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