Cage One Experiment

As the kids were getting ready for Halloween, I was working in my basement lab. I just need to combine the final ingredients and administer a dose to the mice in cage one. I’d be done in 20 minutes and life expectancy would double for the rodents. Of course, it would be months before the results were in.

My twins, Super Mario and Princess Peach were dressed and ready to go as I emerged from the basement. “Let’s go Daddy!” they exclaimed in such perfect unison you’d think they were identical. It was only another minute, and we were on our way unaware of what was happening beneath our feet.

Five doors down we heard creaking, Peach said it was coming from the coffin on the neighbour’s front lawn. Ten doors down we heard shrieks of horror. Mario insisted it was the motion sensor ghost he’d passed.

Fifteen doors down the other kids (and parents) were running past us screaming They weren’t even stopping for candy. “What’s the scare? I asked one Mom. She just looked behind and kept running.

Someone else screamed, “Giant mouse, run for your life!”

Next, I heard sirens and other vehicles speeding by. They looked like they were stopping at our house. An explosion rock the night sky and a picture frame landed at our feet.

“That’s us with Mommy.” said Peach.

“Not possible.” I replied but then I saw it, 12 feet high and 25 feet long from nose to tail. It was the biggest mouse I’d ever seen. It surveyed the neighbourhood then started snapping up kids like they were snacks. Neighbourhood families tried to flee but five more emerged to surround them.

Only then did I realize what was happening. The Lab, my home, oh God! Six mice had been dosed with my serum. It was supposed to promote longevity but instead, they grew and grew and grew. They would have their fill of trick or treaters before scurrying into the night.

So as you get ready for this Halloween, remember they are still out there and they are hungry. They may be waiting in your neighbourhood to find their favorite treat, candy stuffed children. So this Halloween be sure to look over your shoulder and listen for squeaking, and if you hear it run for your life!”  

Pumpkins carved by Emily and Greg Glazebrook. Photo Credit: Greg Glazebrook
Copyright 2021 Greg Glazebrook, All Rights Reserved.


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