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The Big Fix


Have you ever felt scammed. Like the fix was in. Like the major companies we have no choice but to trust are colluding to keep prices artificially high. For most big oil, big banks or insurance company’s come to mind. Rarely are we handed the proof of the swindle on a silver platter. In the case of your phone provider you know the saying, “Give ‘em enough rope…” Continue reading

The Real Cocaine

True Confessions of a Sugar Junkie


I have never been a drug user, not even recreationally. It was a scene that never appealed to me. Yeah, there was alcohol filled college parties and plenty of early mornings where the room would spin from the after effects. I never graduated to anything harder. Truth be told I had friends who swore by the chemical high but I didn’t like what it did to them. Quite honestly the other shit bloody well scared the hell out of me… Continue reading

The Death of Evil


This week brought to a close the life of Charles Mansion. Thanks in part to the man who personified evil the aftermath from the summer of love would be bloody and violent. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy would both be gunned down in 1968 but it is Charles Mansion who has remained in the American psyche and has garnered a morbid fascination more than any other figure of the late 1960s. Continue reading

On Aging…


Science tells us that time is not constant, the mathematics shows it can move in all directions and at different rates. There is nothing in physics that shows any reason why events can’t happen in reverse. Although this is theoretically true our reality says otherwise. Past, Present, Future… for us time is linear, unwavering in its advance and never straying from its seemingly pre-determined path.    Continue reading

I Did Say Regularly…


Happy Thanksgiving 2014

I did say regularly it’s just that my definition of regular and yours are different. Guess the RIM Rant is irrelevant now hell they don’t even call themselves that anymore. Still love my Blackberry and I hope a once-great Canadian company makes a comeback and lays a beating on rival Apple!

So as everyone gears up for turkey dinner, or recovers if they celebrated last night, I wanted to take a moment to be thankful for everything I have. Life has fired some curveballs over the years but I have two wonderful children who are growing up smart and fast. A wonderful girlfriend who keeps me sharp, honest, and very, very happy along with her son.

I am lucky and thankful.

The First Blog

Welcome to! This is my first blog entry and I will keep it short…

I find it amazing that this technology exists and though I am certain nobody cares I will start to record my thoughts and ideas for all to see from time to time.

Hopefully some will like what they see and make this spot a regular stop on the information superhighway.

Happy blogging!

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