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A Question of Times

Fandango’s Provocative Question asks us to weigh in on the U. S. Senate decision to do away with the semi-annual time change with the following questions:

Assuming you agree that we should have the same time year-round rather than moving up an hour each spring and back an hour each fall, do you favor going to permanent Daylight Saving Time or permanent Standard Time? Why do you feel that way?

Find my response below…

I must admit I have a love-hate relationship with the semi-annual time change. Love the extra hour of sleep in the fall and hate losing it in the spring. Personally, I prefer the time change but if I had to choose I’d give up the extra evening light and remain on Standard Time year-round.

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Before I die…


At 29, I wrote a list of the things I wanted to do before I die…

It was long and varied and even as I crossed items off, it continued to grow. At 74 years and 3 months, and just diagnosed with terminal cancer, I may never complete that list. We may be reticent to admit it but no one has the time to do everything they want, and I will not mourn for things left undone. I choose to celebrate that which I have been fortunate to experience and the friends and colleagues whose paths crossed mine along the way; they are the treasures I will take with me from this world.

Until the day I seek redemption before my maker, I will continue to live and maybe, just maybe, I’ll find the time to cross a couple more items from my list before the clock winds down to its final tick.

Disclaimer: For the record, I am not 74+ years old yet and I do not have cancer. These six fictitious sentences were inspired by Sadje’s What Do You See? image prompt. It started me thinking about how someone just diagnosed with a terminal illness may view their bucket list when faced with the inevitable. If and when I get there I hope I handle it like the 74 year old in my narrative above.

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COVID-19 and the “Social Distancing” Paradox.

Social distancing has become synonymous with the arrival of SAR-CoV-2 and the global COVID-19 pandemic. As more and more people become sick and COVID-19 takes more lives one of the tactics being used to fight transmission is the idea of social distancing. Essentially avoiding social gatherings, staying in your homes and remaining six feet away from other people. Continue reading

New Order and the Way We de-Fine Time.

We may use high tech instruments to record time down to the most infinite of units but it is still and arbitrary contruct. For the most part people don’t measure time in hours and minutes. Sure, the clock runs our daily lives, work at 8:00, doctor’s appointment at 2:30. Its always there but as time goes by the days are less important and we tend to measure its passage by our memories. The smell of Grandma’s apple pie brings you back to those Thanksgiving dinners, the sound of the rain brings you back to that camping trip, or the taste of a good Bordeaux transports you back to the French Vineyard where it first passed your lips. For me music acts as that catalyst. So many memories wrapped up in the sounds that defined the time period when they happened. Continue reading

The Big Fix


Have you ever felt scammed. Like the fix was in. Like the major companies we have no choice but to trust are colluding to keep prices artificially high. For most big oil, big banks or insurance company’s come to mind. Rarely are we handed the proof of the swindle on a silver platter. In the case of your phone provider you know the saying, “Give ‘em enough rope…” Continue reading

The Real Cocaine

True Confessions of a Sugar Junkie


I have never been a drug user, not even recreationally. It was a scene that never appealed to me. Yeah, there was alcohol filled college parties and plenty of early mornings where the room would spin from the after effects. I never graduated to anything harder. Truth be told I had friends who swore by the chemical high but I didn’t like what it did to them. Quite honestly the other shit bloody well scared the hell out of me… Continue reading

The Death of Evil


This week brought to a close the life of Charles Mansion. Thanks in part to the man who personified evil the aftermath from the summer of love would be bloody and violent. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy would both be gunned down in 1968 but it is Charles Mansion who has remained in the American psyche and has garnered a morbid fascination more than any other figure of the late 1960s. Continue reading