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Another Bad Day

Another Bad Day

Today was difficult. I was completely blindsided by what was to come. If I’d known I’d have stayed in bed.

The day unfolded in layers like a sad country song. I’m sure the dog would have run away if I had one.

My heart pounded, sweat beaded on my forehead. I cried and screamed and sobbed in anger and anguish.

As I sit here alone, the sun long set, I put all of it into a bubble and blow it up and away. As I watch it drift upwards I feel my body relax. Tomorrow is a new day.

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Hey Norm

Content Warning: Course language.

Hey Norm

“Hey Norm, what’s another term for a complete and utter idiot.”

“I dunno, why do you ask?” Norm replied.

“I have this friend who is a complete waste of skin but I need something stronger to describe him.”

“Try moron, dullard, numskull, doofus, chowderhead, oxygen thief, fuckwit, or nimrod; do I know this person?”

“Possibly,” I said before pausing momentarily.
“Hey fuckwit…”

GirlieOnTheEdge’s Six Sentence Stories #209.
Date: 2022-04-24 | Word: Term | Tags: #sixsentensestories

Photo Credit: NCIS – Season 4.
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Atlantis (1)

Content Warning: Contains violence, sexually explicit themes and course language.

Part One: Disaster

She remained calm even as her colleagues spawned a storm of nervous energy that bristled all around her.

Amaya stood five foot seven, her jet-black hair contrasting with her white jumpsuit as it fell over her shoulders. As a young child and long before her family moved to England, she remembers standing along the Bay of Bengal imagining what lay beyond the blue. Her father sparking her curiosity with stories of mermaids and monsters filling the deep.

While her peers turned toward the stars Amaya looked to Earth’s oceans. Fueled by her memories the Indian born, Oxford educated graduate, dove into her studies, becoming the rockstar of her chosen field. Her caché landed her a prestigious position on the Atlantis project. As member of the CoreOne team, the cutting-edge oceanic engineer was part of the deep-sea colony from its initial submergence.

That was 17 years ago and Atlantis had grown from a modest research station to an underwater city. Consisting of four cores supporting 17 modules. The colony was home to over 11,000 permanent residences. Its massive entertainment districts supporting 5,500 hotel rooms, three casinos, several restaurant, entertainment and shopping districts, and the state-of-the-art Marine Discovery Center was a bustling vacation destination for many surface dwellers.  

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Terrible Nursery Rhymes

Terrible Nursery Rhymes

Bought the Farm

Sadie rushed out to the barn,
A whip with her cowgirl charm,
The animals arranged,
An ending deranged,
Now Sadie’s done bought the farm.

Fad Diet

Fat Larry began a fad diet,
With an eye for sweet apple pies,
He followed the plan to the letter,
And promptly when up one size.
Undeterred he continued to eat,
For the losses he’d soon realize,
Until a peek in the mirror did show,
The pie had gone straight to his thighs.

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Step Into My Parlour…

Quietly he laughs and shaking his head,
Creeps closer now, closer to the foot of the bed…

Step Into My Parlour…

For this week’s Song Lyric Sunday Jim at A Unique Title for Me is asking that we highlight a song with emotions as the central theme. The song I have chosen is filled with anxiety and fear. The tension builds as the lyrics progress and is augmented by the creeping arrangement of the song’s instrumentation.

Robert Smith and The Cure were one of the most influential bands of the 1980s. From early Goth culture, along with other bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees, to superstar status as the decade wore on. Smith was known for his lush lyrics, cutting-edge experimentation and trend-setting styling.

In 1989, The Cure released their eighth studio album, “Disintegration“. The album would become the band’s biggest commercial success charting at number three in the UK and 12 in the US. The album would include the hits Pictures of You, Lovesong, Fascination Street and the anxiety-filled track I will be highlighting today, Lullaby.

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Blind Rage

Violence against women is all too prevalent in society today. It is not acceptable that many women still live with that reality every day and we must all work together to eliminate it. Unfortunately, scenarios like the one in my #weekendwritingprompt are all too common.

Content Warning: Strong sexual and violent themes implied, including violence against women. Content could elicit strong emotional reactions, reader beware.

Blind Rage

The room stopped momentarily as the exquisitely dressed Ella made her provocative entrance. Not 48 hours earlier she had dumped me insisting I was a small spiteful man and now this, as if to mock me.

“Who’s the vindictive one,” he thought, his blood boiling as he slipped into the restroom behind her. “Let’s see how that dress looks coloured in red…”

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White sand coastline,
As far as the eye can see,
For miles in each direction,
Liberating and free.

Sunset on the ocean,
Waves relentless along the shore,
The ruins of a sandcastle,
A reminder of another world.

A dream world of desire,
of fantasy and fire…

One hundred million stars,
Sparkle across the sky,
Moonbeams drift across the water,
And the imagination wanders away.

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What the Heart Wants

What the Heart Wants

I remember the first time we met. It was the first day of 11th grade, Mr. Grady’s second period Math class if memory serves. My family had relocated from the west coast over the summer to accommodate my Dad’s big promotion. I despised my new home but it got better once school started, in part because of Darlene. She walked right up on the very first day and introduced herself to the new kid in town. Before long I was just another guy in our circle of friends. One of the gang. Hell, Matt and Chad are my blood brothers to this very day.

I know Darlene crushed on me for a few years before giving up the ghost. She never did come out and say it but I knew she was interested. We never dated unless you count me taking her to the high school prom. She’d broken it off with the douchebag varsity quarterback and didn’t want to go alone. Knowing I was going solo, we struck up a deal to make a grand entrance and light the night on fire. She deserved a proper prom, so we went all out on a gown (already purchased for the d-bag), a tux, a limo, the whole nine yards. It was high school romantic as fuck. I think she even tried to kiss me during Stairway to Heaven, but my eyes were fixed elsewhere.

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